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Collective FUTURE 

an outdoor theater play 

in collaboration with Jasmine Ouazzi


Collective FUTURE is an interactive experience about refugees crisis and Europe’s measures. It takes place in a park, along the river in an former industrial area of Maastricht. The experience is first presented as a game and each spectator receives an envelop with a Syrian passport, a small biography, money of sometimes pictures of relatives. 

While recomposing puzzles of pictures from Syria (politics, dead children...) the audience understands that they are not there to play a game but to discover a reality that we all try to avoid to face. 

After getting more theorical information about European laws, they buy boat tickets to a smuggler for an exorbitant price and meet an other smuggler to get in the boat. While walking with the boat, they get more information and eventually get saved by an NGO who provides them first aid blanket an hot tea. An actress representing Europe explains them that they have to wait 14 days in the sea that an European country accepts them. 

They finally arrive in Europe where they get registered. On the wall are hanged pictures and information about Europe’s borders. 

At the end of the play, each spectator gets a booklet with the 20 fictive Syrian identities of the play, photos and extra information.


Collective FUTURE is an experience where the audience learns more about their own behaviour as induviduals and as group than about facts.

Collective FUTURE is also the hope that understanding other’s reality could bring more empathy. 

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