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I’m Chloé. 

I was born in France.
I currently live and work in Ghent, Belgium.

I want to tell people’s stories to help them to live with each other, to help myself to live with others.
I like to explore different ways to tell stories like theatre plays, books, videos, installations, drawings, photographs... 

I want to do something meaningful, to speak out and to give a voice to those who are usually not heard. 

Our society often seems to be disconnected from transmission as globalization tends to erase traditional knowledges and techniques.

I believe theater can be a way to bring back rituals in our everyday life.

If I’m not busy with a project, I’m probably backpacking with my analog camera.

One of my graduation projects was an essay about my role as a theater designer in society. You can read it here.

Click here to see my complete CV.


2017 - 2021
Bachelor Scenography and Costume Design
Toneelacademie Maastricht (NL)

Have a look at our online graduation exhibition here.


02.2021 - 03.2021
Internship Scenography and Costume Design
with Sammy Van den Heuvel & Ilse Vandenbussche
for Yellow by Luk Perceval at the NTGent

2014 - 2016 

BTS Graphic Design - printed medias

ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Paris (FR)

 © Anna Sommer

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